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Boat Insurance


Yacht insurance is an insurance policy that provides indemnity liability coverage on pleasure boats. Yacht insurance includes liability for bodily injury or damage to the property of others and damage to personal property on the boat. Depending on the insurance provider, this insurance could also include gas delivery, towing and assistance if your boat gets stranded.



Whether inboard/outboard, outboard, inboard, or sail powered you most likely need the same type of insurance. There are factors that will influence premiums, but we have lots of choice among the insurance companies we represent and get you the right coverage and a great rate. Some of those cost factors:

  • Age of Boat*

  • Length

  • Value

  • Speed/Horsepower

  • Condition

  • Where the boat is kept

  • Type (Inboard, Outboard, etc.)

  • Cruising area (inland waterways vs. ocean)

  • Safety courses

  • Driving record

  • Discounts available

Boats in the Bay

Jet Ski Insurance

These are often referred to by insurers as personal watercraft (or PWC). An insurance policy for one of these is surprisingly inexpensive, typically ranging between $150 and $500 a year. But don't let the low premiums fool you, personal watercraft insurance provides a lot of insurance protection, such as:

  • Damage to your watercraft

  • Injury or property damage you may be responsible for (think other boats, docks, etc.)

  • Medical payments

  • Wreck removal

  • Personal property coverage (your stuff)

  • Coverage for your PWC trailer

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